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What!box Branding

What!box Branding

In Christmas Eve 2014, UNIASTROS met a young business team from New Zealand. There wish, to co-operate a new and unique brand of mineral water coming from several sources near Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, New Zealand. Our goal is to open this market: in New Zealand and China within two years.

Based on our companies background of the project, so far we have one water factory which is ready for production. In addition, our company has developed a carton packaged design. We believe that to build a good brand, following natural instincts is very important. Under the pressure of heavy competition of the import water market, we went to Wakatipu to station ourselves near the water source in order to be inspired and develop our concept for the brand.


Opportunities and Challenges

According to our research and data based on the market, we found that only 1% of the population consumes quality drinking water and more than 60% of the population consumes polluted and unfiltered water. In China, 9 out of 15 bottled water products available on the market for sales, would not pass most international quality checks.

Given this factor, based on our research we have discovered the majority of consumers purchase bottled water from the import market. However, the majority of imported bottle water is only available in smaller sizes, which does not support consumer daily intake.

Based on the lack of quality bottled water in the Chinese market and the expense of the import market, we have a clear vision of the brand: Carton designed packaged water.

Carton-packaged water is rear commodity to find in Chinese market. Therefore, we intend to propel, market and capitalize carton design packaging. Moreover apart from its huge market potential, packed bottled water contains the benefit of perusing the freshness of the of the product. This is because cannot be polluted by air. We have set our vision of creating mass squared-carton which can contain 10 Liter of liquid.


+ Creating A Symbol +
We prefer our carton-package idea is not just a description, but also entertaining to our consumer. “How to created a easy memories and unique symbol for it?” Should we just change “carton-packaged water” into “Water box”? Or, why don’t we just substitute with “What!Box” with a little bit of surprise! It can give our consumer a refreshing feeling when receiving their product. After all, they are not just drinking 10 Liter of pure, crispy water from New Zealand, they are also drinking a gift from “What!Box” and the nature.

+ Impress Our Consumer. Give them what they want and What they didn’t expect +
After our observation of the drinking water market and the needs of our consumer, we combine the fresh water from QueensTown, New Zealand, We have promote our brand as “Professional Private Cubical Drinking water from QueensTown New Zealand” and English Slogan “Box what you care.”

+ A breathing Brand Design +
What kind of design makes a brand unique and attractive in a competitive market that has both natural and modern elements? We decide to take our inspiration straight from the water source in New Zealand . we combine this, with the color Magenta, that we believe expresses the modern vibrancy and passion of New Zealand, mixing with Forest green and creating an exclusive and representative design.

“landscape inside a box” LOGO
Corporate typeface
logo and logotype in different materials
Bright earth tone as brand’s primary and secondary color
Proportion of primary color: Red(core), Green(nature), Gold(highlight)
Dismantling and restructure of the Visual element of the brand, constitute a specific visual language
One of brand graphic:Wakatipu Impression

+ The fusion of three original colors makes the purest water a beautiful classic +
Original Classic Box

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